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What role is Probopass best at?

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What is best for Probopass?


asked Aug 20, 2013 by AbsoLoveer97
edited Aug 20, 2013 by 5th of November
The role of sucking.
Lawl. True dat.
It can't take any fighting or Ground mover which are popular af
It may suck at some things but of course any pokemon that may be well trained can come in handy

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Due to Probopasses massive defenses it is best suited for being a wall, supporter or staller, as big defenses are key to being effective. It also has Stealth Rock, Thunder Wave, Toxic and more which help it out a lot.
There is no way Probopass will ever be a sweeper in a million years. 40 speed and 75 special attack is horrible, and why waste those amazing defensive stats?

Hope I helped! :)

answered Aug 20, 2013 by JarJar~
selected Aug 21, 2013 by AbsoLoveer97