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Can I transfer Black 2 Pokemon to X and Y With a 3ds and a DS lite?

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Or will I need two 3ds?

asked Aug 27, 2013 by SkullBashGogoat
It's a bit late but this will help, from the Nintendo 3DS' eShop you can get a new app called Pokémon Box, this gives you LOADS more space to store your Pokémon. Pokémon Box allows you to put B/W/B2/W2 into a box, then withdraw them and put them in X/Y.

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We don't know yet, really, but my guess is that you can't transfer at all, or you need to DS of any type

Hope this helps!

answered Aug 27, 2013 by LeDragónTamer
selected Aug 27, 2013 by SkullBashGogoat
U can use the pokebank feature now...
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If its going to be like HG and Pearl to Black. There will probably be a building to go to to transfer the characters. But come so after you beat the Pokemon League the first time. They do have Generations 1 - 5 mixed in X and Y so should be yes.

answered Sep 2, 2013 by mrjay17