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The three legendry dogs?

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how do I catch the the 3 dogs(i also need logcation of all 3) in SS/HG and dia/per/pat???

asked Aug 27, 2013 by evee

2 Answers

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Suicune - Huge Sidequest eventually found at the end of the route above Cerulean City.
Entei and Raikou are roaming around Johto.



answered Aug 27, 2013 by PikaPals
selected Aug 27, 2013 by evee
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Well, in HG/SS there isn't a specific area for the 3 dogs, because Entei and Raikou roam around the Johto region and Suicune runs to Kanto to Cerulean Cape. In D/P/Pl, you are unable to obtain the Dogs, at least as far as I know. Catching them in HG/SS is tricky, and I recommend using Wobuffet or Dugtrio,as they have abilities that prevent escaping.

answered Aug 27, 2013 by pokemonerdyyy
edited Aug 27, 2013 by Mewderator
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