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Is there a specific place/location in Pokemon platinum to get the Lucky egg??

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asked Aug 30, 2013 by jomzky

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Wild Chansey have a 5% chance to be holding one. However, I don't think you can get one in any other way in Platinum.

answered Aug 30, 2013 by MeloettaMelody
selected Sep 10, 2013 by Mewderator
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Im afraid not. Lucky Eggs are held by wild Chansey in which you have 5% of finding them. To make it easier to find, you can get a Pokemon with the ability Frisk and that way every time you encounter a Chansey it will tell you if it has or not a Lucky Egg. Also Pokemon with Compound Eyes attract Pokemon with held items (in this case you would want a Chansey with a Lucky Egg)

Hope this Helps

answered Aug 30, 2013 by AbsoLoveer97