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What are some ways to beat Deoxys?

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My friend has one and always wants to fight me with him, but I always say no because he will win with him. So what are some ways to beat deoxys?
Revision: He's level 100, and likes to use attack or normal form :)
Revision 2: We are playing in Black/ White 2 so if ideas work better for that generation it will be appreciated.

asked Aug 31, 2013 by conflict131
edited Sep 1, 2013 by conflict131
Can you tell us a bit about it? Like, level, moves, or whatever you know? :3
It really depends in the form too.
There Revised my data, hope that helps more to answer my question better.

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Here are a few ways:

  • Choice Scarf. With that on a Pokemon with a reasonable base speed, it should be able to outspeed the Normal Form and KO.
  • Priority. Both are frail and will fall easily to priority users such as Scizor, Azumarril, ect.
  • Anything that can resist/tank any of its attacks. You can then hit it with status or something of that sort.

Those are just a few ways, there are many other ways you can try out. :)

answered Aug 31, 2013 by JarJar~
selected Sep 26, 2013 by conflict131
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If this is a Deoxys in Normal form, It is quite frail, so I think you can use a Scizor with Technician an put Bullet Punch on it. That would beat Deoxys quite easily. An item could be Choice Band or Life Orb to make it stronger.

Hope this helps!

answered Aug 31, 2013 by LeDragónTamer
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Ninjask: if you teach it protect its speed boost ability will kick in and should outspeed deoxys. (Have max speed and attack evs).After that hit it with a x-scisor or set up a swords dance if it's a defense form.

Prankster thunderous: start off with a T wave then attack. Even if thunderous goes down, you have crippled deoxys.

There more options ,but it's more likely that deoxys will be switched out before facing a threat. Entry hazards may be a good idea. Also it's important is that you keep in mind all of your friends party Pokemon.
Also I would have said in the question if it use special attack or attack.

answered Sep 1, 2013 by kyuubi
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A choice scarf weaville with an night slash and if there is an attack form deoxys then use foul play who stands against it now ? Ofcourse you can use shadow claw if you like but hope it is ev trained in attack and speed .

answered Aug 31, 2013 by dashingdude
edited Sep 4, 2013 by Pokemaster
why a -1 ? what did I do wrong