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Is this normal in White (the orginals)?

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I have Pokemon White version (the orginals) and I chose Tepig as my starter (it is level 100 and never evolved). And ever since I battle Cheren, his elemental monkey was Pansear which later evovled into Simisear. I thought it was normal, until I saw one of Marriland's videos saying Cheren's elemental monkey should be the one your starter is strong to. My starter, Tepig, is strong to Grass. Also when my sister used my memory link for her Pokemon White 2 version, he had a Simisear. Is this normal? No I don't hack my games, so don't say that. Please help me! Thanks! :)

Edit: Sorry! He had a Simisage in white2 with memory link

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Actually, that is normal, their Elemental Monkey will be the same type as your starter, I am not sure who made that video but that is wrong.

Just check this. It proves it all.

Hope I helped :D

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