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Why is Palkia a Water type?

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I get Girantina being a Ghost/Dragon type and Dialga being a Steel/Dragon type, but why is
Palkia a Water type.

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Why is Palkia a Water type?
Because Palkia felt like it.

yeah its water type cause it is.
Because it is not a fire type ; )
Why is blastoise a water type ? Why is Dragonite a  Dragon type ?
Blastoise is water type cuz its a turtle, dragonit is dragon type cuz itsa dragon =3

1 Answer

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>The presence of fins in their back, the fish-like head and the pearls are possibly the reason for its Water type.

>Its secondary type may also originate from the weightlessness one experiences in water, such as the fact that astronauts use water to train for space expeditions.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Palkia

Just saying, I was already thinking of the second reason before I went on Bulbapedia. They just happened to think of it too.

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I thought its because palkia remembles pearls and pearls come from underwater
I thought those were wings on its back it can fly in the anime
Then it is a flying fish (those are real. Look it up. )