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Why do people try to make Mew a wall?

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It has such good stats. Why make a waste move slots with moves such as Will-o-Wisp and Toxic when you can have good power mover.

asked Sep 6, 2013 by Colonel Duck
edited Sep 6, 2013 by Colonel Duck
Why do I feel like you just answered your own question....
how? please tell me
Will-O-Wisp and Toxic ARE wall moves lol.

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"It has such good stats"
Yeah. I agree with star. That's kind of it :P and it's access to moves such as Will-o-wisp and Toxic.
Mew's all rounded base 100 stats mean it can function in many roles, and it's ability to learn any TM out there compliments that. Basically, it's like Celebi... except with a worse typing.
Anyway even in UU, there are stronger sweepers than Mew, but it's balanced defenses allow it to function as a wall much better than others (And access to instant recovery)

answered Sep 6, 2013 by Sempiternus
selected Sep 6, 2013 by Colonel Duck
Not to be mean but I kinda wanted mewderater to answer this.
Mewderator specializes in the OU tier actually, so his answer won't have any more weight than any other person.