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How Many Poke Dollars do Moon Balls Sell For?

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I was able to catch my Nidorians with normal poke balls first try in HeartGold, and moon balls are pretty much useless, so how much do they sell for? I want to know if it's worth selling them, or if I should just save them for Jigglypuff (Muffin) and Cleffa/Clefairy. Thanks!:)

asked Sep 7, 2013 by CluelessPonyta

2 Answers

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They sell for $150.
I would recommend keeping them as a 4x catch rate is not bad, and $150 is not that much to get for them. But you can sell them if you don't plan on catching those Pokemon or think another ball will do just fine.


answered Sep 7, 2013 by JarJar~
selected Sep 7, 2013 by CluelessPonyta
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Moon Balls sell for 150 poke dollars. If you're not going to use them at all, might as well sell them.

answered Sep 7, 2013 by WoonderWaffle