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My Lapras and Dratini won't breed.Why?

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I already breeded Lapras and Dragonite so why won't it work???

asked Nov 12, 2010 by topper156

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They should work, but if the daycare man says "they prefer to play with other pokemon" if it does say that you then have to get a different lapras/dratini (opposite genders of course) then keep on doing that until the daycare man says something else.

answered Nov 13, 2010 by Xapper
Thanks Pakey
Actually that has to do with the ID numbers of the Pokemon not what you are mentioning. What the man says indicates ofc whether they breed or not or how fast it goes. I didnt check those 2 Pokemon on the egg group, but if they are not on the same egg group then they wont breed, you need to check ..
They are on the same egg group
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They should work, just leave them for long enough (provided they are of opposite gender). What does the Day Care Man say?

answered Nov 12, 2010 by TheMyrMan
They prefer to play with other pokemon and they are different genders
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It doesn't matter what the day care man says I bred two guys who were different (a guy and a girl)and it worked even the old man said they don't like each other.

answered Apr 11, 2011 by Aropro
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Leave them for like 24 hours and see what happens, it doesnt take pokemon only 1 minute to breed.

answered Apr 11, 2011 by AleX647