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Is Shuckle the Strongest?

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One time I was looking through Shuckles moves and found Power Split. After reading the description I went off to attack form Deoxys to see where it could get my base stat total. What I found blew me away.
When Shuckle uses Power Split on attack form Deoxys their attacking stats become 95. When the two stats are put together you get 190. Then you get to add 460 from Shuckle's defenses bringing the total to 650. Add in a 20 for HP and you get 670. And if you're in a single battle where Trick Room was used Shuckle and the Deoxys pretty much switch speeds.
Shuckle can now add 150 for his speed stat. This perfect storm of conditions has brought Shuckle's base stat total to 820. That's right a full 100 more than Arceus.
Where's your god now?
Seriously though did anybody notice this before me?

asked Sep 9, 2013 by Ursatic
You still can't add 150 for his speed stat :P
True, it just makes slower Pokemon go first. :P
I'm really tempted to downvote just because of the thought that Shuckle could be better than Arceus :P
So in a double battle with Trick Room if Arceus was out it would pretty much eliminate their speed stats and sending Shuckle's stats (for the moment) above Arceus's. either way Shuckle would still have better stats.
Ugh... It's more than just BST. It stat spread, movepool, abilities, ect.
Ninjask is faster than Arceus! Glaceon has More Sp.Atk, does that make them bter?

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Despite this, Trick Room will not remain forever and even with such a high base attack, he will not be KOing that many Pokemon and as a result it would be killed of in return. The only reason it would actually have such a high base stat would be because of it's improved offensive presence. In theory this is very bluffing but the chances are really low that it would be successful and still makes Shuckle nothing close to the most powerful Pokemon for stats can look appealing but you are nothing with a Pokemon with such unbalanced stats as Shuckle.
There are many Pokemon that could even cripple it. Since Shuckle is a very predictable Pokemon and always carries non-damaging moves, it is very easy to stop it. One taunt and Shuckle is shut down. Say it would still succeed in this, any Prankster Pokemon could shut it down with a status ailment in Trick Room or not. So the answer is No.

answered Sep 9, 2013 by Aeternis
edited Sep 9, 2013 by Aeternis
Valet, you are just too HORRIBLY horrible ^-^!!!!!!
Is Taunt the move that forces me into attacking moves only? If so I'm fine with them sending out a wall after all Shuckle's still got the higher defenses.
I actually intended for this to be about base stats. I will take the blame though as I had not said that previously.
And it's always going to be fun to know that Shuckle's base stats can become way higher than Arceus's.
Yes however Power Split can easily be compared to a stat boosting move such as Calm Mind SOMETIMES butit will not increase much should your opponent switch out to a Pokemon that has no form of offensive presence. Seeing that stat boosting moves are available to most Pokemon including Arceus, Arceus will be proven many more times more powerful then Shuckle for a 4X Sword Dance/Calm Mind will lift Arceus's Attack/Special attack stat to divine levels so even in stats, Arceus still wins
The problem is that Shuckle can't do crap without a Power Split up.
And btw, Arceus still has higher stats, you can't just give it 150 speed. Js.
^^ Being in trick room does not amount to having a higher base speed. :c
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This could work, but you would need to be using Shuckle in the Uber tier to do it, and I have no idea why you would do that, as if your opponent doesn't have a Deoxys-Attack, then Shuckle is pretty much dead weight. It could use Power Split on something else I suppose, but it wouldn't be as effective (although it would probably still be quite good, because if it is in Uber anything it faces will have high attack stats). Now you have me thinking - maybe I'll try it sometime. Not now though :)

answered Sep 9, 2013 by MeloettaMelody
edited Sep 9, 2013 by MeloettaMelody
Again, you are thinking of Power Trick. Power Split does nothing to the defenses, so Shuckle will have the same defenses, unless they are lowered by leer or something. And he mentioned Trick Room, but it speed won't matter, I think.
yup i misread the question
Wouldn't it be hilarious if the next Pokemon World Championship was won after someone took down an Arceus with a Shuckle that way? After that their would be a lot of Anti Shuckle Pokemon. These would pretty much be Pokemon with Super Fang and that one Dragon type move that constantly does 40 damage. It's name eludes me. At least Shuckle would get some more fame.
On a side note this is probably my most commented question.
yea it would. Of course as someone else mentioned a taunt user could completely shut it down. But if Trick Room  was up, then Shuckle would move first, excluding priority and prankster.