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Good moveset for special charizard?

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A new charizard joind me and its time to get his move set righ so tips ?
current moveset is : fire blast
dragon claw
air slash

what do I improve ?

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2 Answers

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In short, I'd go for: Flamethrower / Focus Blast / Dragon Pulse / Substitute

Don't bother with 2 Fire moves, it's just a waste of a slot. There are 3 possible ones you could use for a special Charizard:
- Flamethrower (power 95, accuracy 100)
- Heat Wave (power 100, accuracy 90)
- Fire Blast (power 120, accuracy 85)

It depends on whether you want power or reliability (personally I go for reliability). Or, if you're expecting to switch in, KO, then switch out, Overheat is a great option. For the other moveslots:

Focus Blast takes care of Rock pokemon, among others.

Dragon Pulse is very powerful and takes care of the unpredictable nature of dragons - they could have Thunderbolt, Aqua Tail, Surf, Stone Edge or other super-effective moves.

Ominous Wind is a good one, to cover Ghost/Psychic. Substitute is always an option. Air Slash could be used for a STAB boost, but it doesn't cover anything extra than you already have.

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I would actually use Hidden Power Grass instead of Focus Blast, but otherwise, perfect. For Substitute, I would suggest holding a Salac Berry.
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You should use: (Dragon Pulse-Flamethrower-Air Slash-Focus Blast)

and if you're planning on using Sunny day use (Sunny Day-Solarbeam-Flamethrower-Air Slash)

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