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Good physical sweeper in Pokemon black 2?

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Please tell me where I can catch it as well

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Timburr can be caught in Relic Passage, and Gurdurr can be caught in the Passage as well as Twist Mountain.

Caught as a Drilbur or as an Excadrill in swirling dust in most caves.

Krookodile (Moxie)
Caught in Desert Resort/ Route 4 as a Sandile

Given to you on Route 6 Weather institute (as a Deerling w/ Hidden Ability) or caught on Route 6 in general

Route 23, Dragonspiral Tower or Route 14 & Victory Road as a Mienfoo

Caught as Axew in Mistralton Cave

Swords of Justice Trio
Caught on their respective routes: Terrakion Route 22, Cobalion Route 13, Virizion Route 11

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