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How do you get dream world in black2?

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i want my darmanitan to chage form but how get dream world

asked Sep 19, 2013 by pokemon38
Do you mean zen form? In witch case you have to find a darmanitan with the 'zen mode' ability and then lower its health to below half.

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In B/W you can find a Zen Mode Darmanitan in the Desert Resort. They are right outside the enterance to Relic Castle and need to be given a Rage Candy Bar in order to be awakened. Going to the Dream World would be pointless because I've looked and it's not on the lost of Pokemon at appear there. You can't get a Zen Mode Darmantian in B/W 2 without trading from B/W.

Source: Looked on Bulbapedia

answered Sep 19, 2013 by $tarPower
selected Jun 4, 2014 by &Psychic x
Why was this down voted? It's correct