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Whats with this guy?

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okay, so i`m like walking around on the path outside pinwheel forest when I see this secret passage way on the right near the bridge. so I go in, battle this kid, find some stuff, and I see this entrance that looks like the one for lostlourn forest (sorry if I spelled that wrong). so I go in and see this ranger, I talk to him and he started talking about vorizion. so I go get my vorizion and go back to the ranger, and he just says the same thing he said before. Whats with this guy?

asked Sep 20, 2013 by chespin5

1 Answer

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He's just a NPC. His conversation doesn't change even after you get Virizion. He just gives you information on the Pokemon, and that's all.

answered Sep 20, 2013 by fondant
selected Sep 24, 2013 by chespin5