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Your Open Question: I met a lugia that was pink instead of purple? Is this a glitch?

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The third time I tried catching lugia on my soul silver it was pink I turned my ds off. Is that a dangerus glitch? Plz help I'm so scared right now I dont want to loose 55 hours of playtime.

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I have never facepalmed harder than when I read this,
 Ahhh whyyyyyyyyyyy

2 Answers

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Dont worry this is no glitch. What you experience was a Shiny Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are no different from regular Pokemon besides their color scheme. They are also extremely rare. You just gave up a rare opportunity to catch a shiny legendary.

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dang it hurts when you cant catch a shiny XD
That is some bull.  This person finds a shiny Lugia and let's it go, but when I wanted a Shiny Axew, they were freakin' extinct!
XD lol IKS
I read this, then died on the inside.
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That means that you met a shiny Pokémon, and it's not a glitch. There's like a one in 1000 chance of meeting a shiny Pokémon.

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1/8192 actually
And wasn't this answered perfectly fine already? :L
Answered perfectly 4 hours ago...
Btw, it's for rarer than 1/1000, more like 1/8000+