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How Much Damage Would This Do?

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Lv.100 Sableye uses Hone Claws 6 times. Then uses Swagger 3 times. Then uses Punishment. It has a Dark Gem. It is a critical hit. It is against a Lv.1 Abra. How much damage would this do?
By the way, Sableye has a +attack nature and maxed out EVs and IVs in Attack and Abra has a -defense nature and no EVs or IVs in defense.
This is over the OHKO.

NOTE: Will Hone Claws boost Punishment?

asked Sep 24, 2013 by Distortion Keeper
edited Oct 5, 2013 by Distortion Keeper
Hone Claws will not. I think it will be about 30,000 damage to 100,000 damage
I thought it would, because the amount of stat increases the opponent has raises the BP, doesn't determine how much damage would be done.

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Punishment works with the number of positive stat changes that apply to the foe and not yours.
But seeing as the formula is: enter image description here
We can assume that it has a natural base power of 60 which is rather pretty low. So with this your Sableye would KO the Abra anyways.
Anyways I created a Pokemonthat has Abra's base stat and typing and I also made a replica of your Sableye and according to the honko calculator it would do the following amount of damage:

+1 252+ Atk Dark Gem Sableye Helping Hand Punishment (60 BP) vs. 0 HP / 0- Def (custom) on a critical hit: 15758-18540 (143254.54 - 168545.45%) -- guaranteed OHKO

I calculated with a critical hit and helping hand boost as these 2 together will give you the same effect of a fully performed Hone Claw boost. I gave Sableye Defiant and the puppet Abra the ability Intimidate to activate the 2x.

answered Sep 24, 2013 by Aeternis
selected Sep 24, 2013 by Distortion Keeper
Helping Hand wasn't in the Q, it was Dark Gem.
Helping hand+critical hit=Fully performed Hone Claws as I mentioned in my answer....
OK. but it was +6 from Hone Claws AND the Critical Hit.
When I was typing this answer, that wasn't included in so yeah....
In case you don't understnd what i'm saying, this should clear it up.
Helping Hand + Crit = +6
But the Q asks for +6 and a Crit, so you would have to double it again.
I know what you are saying. i still have to calculate it since it wasn't included in the original post
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252 +6 Atk Dark Gem Sableye (+Atk) Punishment vs 0 HP/0 Def Abra (-Def) :

25470% - 29966.25%

Guaranteed OHKO

Source: Damage Calculator

It does not say it, but I raised Abra's Attack to +6 due to Sableye's Swagger.

answered Sep 24, 2013 by 5th of November
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OK, I've worked it out. I think Hone Claws will affect the damage, so I have included it in the calculation.

It will do 213032 - 250626 damage. This assumes no held item.

If Sableye has a Dark Gem, as is in the question, then the attack will do 319543 - 375933 damage.

If Sableye is holding a Choice Band (it was baton passed the Hone Claws boost, and someone else used Swagger on Abra, and Abra didn't switch out for some reason), then it will do 31953295 - 37592112 damage.

In other words Abra will die very quickly :)

answered Sep 24, 2013 by MeloettaMelody
Basically what i think he's trying to say, ^ is that Abra is very safe and resistant to that dastardly sableye.
God smite him down for attempting to harm that abra with such sinful tactics.