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I'm trying to breed a Tympole to have the ability "water absorb", but I can seem to get it right, someone help?

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I want to get a Seismitoad, with the ability "water absorb", getting a "dream world" Pokemon is not an option, because my wifi router won't allow my ds lite to access the internet. I already know that "water absorb" is a hidden ability of this evolution line, but how do breed it from another Pokemon from the same egg group?

asked Oct 8, 2013 by davidw6838

2 Answers

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Abilities, unlike moves, can't be bred onto a Pokemon by another different Pokemon. It has to be "born" or caught with the ability.

That being said, Water Absorb is the Hidden Ability so it cannot be bred onto the Tympole. You must obtain it from a Hidden Grotto or online in an event or from the Dream World.

So you can't breed Hidden Abilities the way you can moves. The ability will be natural to that Pokemon and that Pokemon alone.

answered Oct 8, 2013 by MrKijani
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Mr.Kijani for the most part right however abbilities can be altered with
By using an everstone on the mother Pokemon.

answered Oct 9, 2013 by Suddenly_Slakoths
I think you might be wrong. According to here:
It says that the ever stone only passes down the mothers NATURE, not ABILITY,