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Do all of the legendary Pokemon you battle in Gates to Infinity become your friend?

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I'm talking about the legendaries that appear in the companion mode challenges. I know that some do, but do all of them become you friend? If not, should I bring a gift that Cinccino makes with me?

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These are all the legendary/mythical Pokemon you can befriend

638 Cobalion

コバルオン Random Missions when at Royal Rank

639 Terrakion

テラキオン Random Missions when at Royal Rank

640 Virizion

ビリジオン Automatic

641 Tornadus

トルネロス Quiet Tundra,Dream Island,Moonlight Forest

642 Thundurus

ボルトロス Iron Rust Mountain,Large Pit,Smokey Mountain

645 Landorus

ランドロス Breezy Plains

647 Keldeo

ケルディオ Automatic recruit after ending

648 Meloetta

メロエッタ Speak to Meloetta after creating the Musical

These Pokemon cannot be recruited but can be battled again:

249 Lugia


250 Ho-Oh


643 Reshiram


644 Zekrom


646 Kyurem


646 White Kyurem


646 Black Kyurem


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