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Do all of the legendary Pokemon you battle in Gates to Infinity become your friend?

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I'm talking about the legendaries that appear in the companion mode challenges. I know that some do, but do all of them become you friend? If not, should I bring a gift that Cinccino makes with me?

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These are all the legendary/mythical Pokemon you can befriend
#638 Cobalion
コバルオン Random Missions when at Royal Rank
#639 Terrakion
テラキオン Random Missions when at Royal Rank
#640 Virizion
ビリジオン Automatic
#641 Tornadus
トルネロス Quiet Tundra,Dream Island,Moonlight Forest
#642 Thundurus
ボルトロス Iron Rust Mountain,Large Pit,Smokey Mountain
#645 Landorus
ランドロス Breezy Plains
#647 Keldeo
ケルディオ Automatic recruit after ending
#648 Meloetta
メロエッタ Speak to Meloetta after creating the Musical

These Pokemon cannot be recruited but can be battled again:

#249 Lugia
#250 Ho-Oh
#643 Reshiram
#644 Zekrom
#646 Kyurem
#646 White Kyurem
#646 Black Kyurem

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