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Why does my Pokemon shake after coming out of a Pokeball in X/Y?

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My Espurr shakes after I send it out, and I am curious as to why. Is it close to evolving or something?

asked Oct 13, 2013 by Rackpal#1
edited Oct 13, 2013 by Pokemaster
Oops I asked the same thing just now with my Riolu. I wonder why though.
My Braixen does that as well...
I'd really like to know why though. Maybe it's because of Amie perhaps?
I asked a similar question to this and I'm quite relieved to hear it happens with someone else's game too. I did have one question for the asker here, does your Pokemon also seem interested in your bag when it comes out for a battle? Or heal itself from status problems (it blows out a heart when it does, I always like to think its blowing me a kiss-lol) because its amusing me a lot and I feel very happy when it does that (like they really are living right there!)
The same thing happened to me in ORAS when I sent out my Gallade after playing with it in Pokemon Amie A LOT.

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Pokemon with high affection due to Pokemon Amie (3 hearts or higher) shake. They also "wait for your directions" rather than just saying for you to choose a move. AND FINALLY, they can sometimes (my Pikachu has done it twice so far) endure hits, leaving them with 1 HP left when it would KO Pokemon with lower affection. A heart comes up from their in battle sprite and I believe it says something like "name endured the hit to show your name its tough side!"

Hope this helped :)

answered Oct 13, 2013 by Orangeymon23
This also occurs with poison also... pkmn's name has excreted the poison so your name wouldn't worry.. They do this with paralysis too
They get boosted experience after a battle as well.
They also have a boosted critical hit chance though none of these work in competitive use so i dont use poke-amie so often