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Why does my Pokemon shake after coming out of a Pokeball in X/Y?

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My Espurr shakes after I send it out, and I am curious as to why. Is it close to evolving or something?

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Oops I asked the same thing just now with my Riolu. I wonder why though.
My Braixen does that as well...
I'd really like to know why though. Maybe it's because of Amie perhaps?
I asked a similar question to this and I'm quite relieved to hear it happens with someone else's game too. I did have one question for the asker here, does your Pokemon also seem interested in your bag when it comes out for a battle? Or heal itself from status problems (it blows out a heart when it does, I always like to think its blowing me a kiss-lol) because its amusing me a lot and I feel very happy when it does that (like they really are living right there!)
The same thing happened to me in ORAS when I sent out my Gallade after playing with it in Pokemon Amie A LOT.

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Pokemon with high affection due to Pokemon Amie (3 hearts or higher) shake. They also "wait for your directions" rather than just saying for you to choose a move. AND FINALLY, they can sometimes (my Pikachu has done it twice so far) endure hits, leaving them with 1 HP left when it would KO Pokemon with lower affection. A heart comes up from their in battle sprite and I believe it says something like "name endured the hit to show your name its tough side!"

Hope this helped :)

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This also occurs with poison also... pkmn's name has excreted the poison so your name wouldn't worry.. They do this with paralysis too
They get boosted experience after a battle as well.
They also have a boosted critical hit chance though none of these work in competitive use so i dont use poke-amie so often
Well, my Charizard does the shaking thing even though I never played with it in Amie.
Does this even count in contests? Because I battled using my Glameow which won all of the master rank contests in ORAS. I was trying to catch a pkmn at that time , and it was underleveled so I used my Glameow . It was at the red bar and after it was hit I thought it'd faint but it had 1 hp left. The statement Orangey said was exactly the same one that came up. My Lapras in X didn't shake , I don't use Amie on it , and the statement didn't show up. But for some reason while I was battling Diantha's Gardevoir and it was going finish my Lapras with the supposed final thunderbolt. But it survived! And it was paralyzed to at the moment, then I tried to attack it using surf , and even that worked too! Still no statement showed up. And plus , it was a few levels below Gardevoir's .
Sorry 4 the pretty long comment.