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Should my Crobat keep both Confuse Ray and Mean Look or sacrifice one of them for Poison Fang/Cross Poison?

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[Pokemon Platinum] Current moveset for Lvl 39 Crobat:

Confuse Ray
Mean Look

It is trying to learn Poison Fang right now. Normally I would easily sacrifice Mean Look for Poison Fang, but Mean Look seems to be very useful in catching legendaries. What should I do?

asked Oct 13, 2013 by TheRedNinjaMouse

1 Answer

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No. There are few roaming Pokemon in DPPt, main ones I can think of being Mesprit and Cresselia, which both have Psychic STAB, meaning that they will do substantial damage to Crobat. Mean Look is therefore useless for them.

Nearly no one switches Pokemon in game, so Mean Look is not needed. Go with Fly, Confuse Ray, Pluck/ Aerial Ace and X-Scissor/ U-Turn. Crobat doesn't need a Poison move because it only covers Grass types in Gen IV.

X-Scissor is a more effective counter to Psychic types, or U-Turn if you used the X-Scissor TM on something else.

answered Oct 13, 2013 by fondant
selected Nov 12, 2013 by Mewderator