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Does Hawlucha gain double STAB from Flying Press?

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asked Oct 13, 2013 by trachy
retagged Nov 11, 2013 by Pokemaster
I don't know, but it's an awesome move :)

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So far, the net indicates no, because Flying Press is listed as Fighting, even though it deals Flying damage and will be x2 against Pokemon weak to Flying, e.g. Grass.

Pokemon that resist either Flying or Fighting are damaged by a x0.5 modifier, e.g. Electric types take x0.5 damage from Flying Press.

Flying Press - Coverage

I guess x2.25 STAB would be OP'd, considering that it has a base power of 80, meaning 80 x 2.25 = 180.

answered Oct 14, 2013 by fondant
selected Oct 14, 2013 by trachy