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Would this work? (Sableye with Wonder Guard)?

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Would this work? You start off in a double battle with Shedinja and Gengar (or some other Pokemon with Skill Swap), and Gengar (or whatever it is) uses skill swap on Shedinja, Then Shedinja switches out with Sableye, and Gengar (or whatever) uses Skill Swap on Sableye.

asked Nov 23, 2010 by TheMyrMan

2 Answers

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Trying to skill swap Wonder guard is not possible. It can be traced however. they blocked it out so you can't skill swap wonderguard in generation IV.

answered Nov 23, 2010 by DarkTyphlosion
But you can in Gen 3, so I could do it on my emerald.
TheMyrMan, Gen IV is Gen 4
ShinyDeoxysBoy, this is 2015, five years after that comment was posted. I'm pretty sure MyrMan learned.
oh ok. I didn't read the date
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In the latest versions of pokemon Wonder Guard cannot be an ability of any other pokemon except Shedinja.
It cannot be transfered to another pokemon by any means - unless you cheat.

answered Dec 14, 2010 by Vertigo
no true u can trace wonder guard
what is a ditto uses transform on it then skill swap on ditto
What about Entraintment?