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Flare blitz or blaze kick for speed boost blazekin?

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It moveset (excluding flare blitz/blaze kick) is:


Hi jump kick

Brave bird

asked Oct 17, 2013 by cruton1
Leaning toward  flare blitz but not sure

2 Answers

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I see that your moveset if geared towards sheer power. So I am also guessing it is suicidal and he won't be entering twice. Because of that, I suggest Flare Blitz over Blaze Kick because Blaziken is frail as it is and you need to kill your opponent ASAP. So in all honesty, use Flare Blitz, but if you don't want the recoil (though it doesn't really matter because of his two other moves) use the latter.

answered Oct 17, 2013 by DracoArceus
selected Oct 17, 2013 by cruton1
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Personally, I'd go for Blaze Kick. You've already got plenty of recoil, no particularly reliable STAB, and Blaze Kick is just fun in general.

answered Oct 17, 2013 by Collide