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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team: Hero/Partner modifier/tool?

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Trying to find a tool or code that will let me change my hero and partner Pokemon to anything in the third gen when I start a new game.
any help is greatly appreciated.

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Please use proper question titles like the one I just provided. Not only do they make it easier for people who have the same question to search it up, it also allows people who know the answer to find this question easier and answer it.
The answer to this question;
There ain' a code. e_e
Okay i will in the future ^^ and theres always a code for everything
There isn't an answer to this question js. No actual code for what you want as far as I can see, though you can make one yourself if you have the knowledge? XD
I'M TOO DUMB, and i've seen some codes for this recently actually! It's just they dont work with the emulator i'm using, and i cant use a different one for REASONS
KoD, it is possible. And, if HTML is like game coding, it's quite easy as well. I'm not willing to find out though, sorry. xD

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You go to the Friend Areas, choose a Pokemon, and select the "Make Leader" option.

You can also switch the lead Pokemon mid-dungeon in some dungeons (but not all of them - the ones you beat as part of the storyline don't allow this). Select the "Team" option, pick a Pokemon that has a yellow heart by them, and select "Leader."

You mean this?

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