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Pokemon game timeline?

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I've been playing Pokemon for a couple years now.. I've played almost all the games... And one thing I don't understand is what order the games go in. I don't mean what year they come out... I mean what order the story takes place, Including the mystery dungeons, Pokemon rangers, and etc.

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From what I heard, Generations 1, 3, and 5 take place at the same time. Generations 2, and 4 also take place at the same time 3 years later.

Based on that, Generation 6 might take place at the same time as Generation 2 and 4.

As for the mystery dungeon games, I don't even think they take place in the same universe.

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There have been some YouTube videos on this subject. Here is one if you are interested.
I haven't watched it recently, but I think it basically agrees with Melvin Ishtar's comment above.

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Thanks! That video really helped!
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Here is a timeline:

  1. The events of RBY/FRLG and RSE take place first. No exact date is given.
  2. The events of Colosseum and Ranger take place sometime between #1 and #3.
  3. The events of GSC/HGSS, DPPt, and the next two Rangers (Shadows of Almia and Guardian Signs) take place three years after #1.
  4. The events of XD take place two years after #3.
  5. The events of BW take place a few years after #3.
  6. The events of B2W2 take place two years after #5.

It is unclear when or where the events of the Mystery Dungeon series took place.

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