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Are there more mega evolutions than we have got so far ?

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ive seen all the mega evolutions that are around right now and I'm actually disappointed about the amount, I mean-they are pretty awesome looking and great but there are so few !
i really wanted mega johto starters and mega hoen starters besides blaziken .
so to sum up my question : will there be more mega evolutions ?

asked Oct 20, 2013 by charizard

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Well if there are we don't know about them :P Seriously, though, this is something only GameFreak knows. Personally I think there might be in future games, but that is pure speculation. However, I think it would be very stupid if they gave the Kanto starters (+ Blaziken) Mega Evolutions, without giving the other starters ones as well.

answered Oct 20, 2013 by MeloettaMelody
selected Oct 26, 2013 by charizard
Game Freak strongly hinted at the possibility of many more mega evolutions appearing in future games.