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Destiny knot breeding?

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IV breeding is a tiring chore, I'd rather EV train magikarp 5x than do the Pokemon breeding process. But now I heard destiny knot can pass down IV's perfectly. So if I make a ditto with 5-6 or so perfect IV's, can I essentially NEVER have to IV breed ever again?

Anything else I should know, tricks, tips for gen VI? If I'm correct in the above statement, this ditto will become a literal life saver.

Thank you!

asked Oct 24, 2013 by poppie
just curious, but did you just misclick when selecting the tags, because Destiny Bond and Destiny Knot are completely unrelated

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Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work like that. The Destiny Knot passes on 5 IV's from either parent. So this means you could get those 5 perfect IV's from your Ditto, but you are more likely to get a mix of great IV's from the Ditto and really crappy IV's from the other parent. It doesn't matter which Pokemon you have holding the Destiny Knot, the IV's given are a mix from both parents.


answered Oct 24, 2013 by MeloettaMelody
selected Oct 24, 2013 by poppie
OH WELL.... I never cared for "perfect" pokemon anyway but ............ these new mechanics are neat regardless..... thank you MeloettaMelody! oh and happy IV breeding uvu
Oh I get it I was wondering why I was only getting 2 or three IVS passed down