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How do you find magmar in hg?

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I have no clue where magmer is!!!

asked Nov 29, 2010 by lom9999
edited Nov 29, 2010 by trachy

2 Answers

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The only place to find a Magmar in Heart Gold Is the Burned Tower, But it you want more info about Magmar then go to this link:
Hope this helps. (;D)

answered Nov 29, 2010 by Gabstersaur
Where is magby in platnum?
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You can also find magby on the route leading from the ilex forest too golden rod city near the daycare

answered Nov 29, 2010 by Speed freak
When I last cheked ther where no magbys by the daycare......just sayin
Yes there are I keep on finding ditto, magby, and drowzee there