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Pros and Cons of Mega-Charizard X and Mega-Blaziken ? and Pros and Cons of Scizor and Aggron ?

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Hello !

I decided to prevent any longer my brother on having use of his account, so that I don't have major problems in this wide and cool communauty. I'm asking this for my brother's account, which I would like to be deleted, if possible. He preview to have Chespin as his starter, and here's the team he planned:

  • Chestnaught
  • Aegislash
  • Garchomp
  • Clawitzer
  • Aggron / Scizor
  • Blaziken / Charizard

For those who know me on RMT, Pokegron was my brother. I would've never let him has an account, as this created problems. Now, let's forget. So I ask this question instead of using his account. The question is the following:

Which one between 2 pairs must he use ?

Charizard or Blaziken ?
Scizor or Aggron ?

He thanks you, and me too :)

asked Oct 26, 2013 by ItsGuillotine
So Mega-Blaziken > Mega-Charizard and Scizor > Aggron. Thanks :)
Overall,Mega Blaziken is better than Charizard and Aggron is better than Scizor.This took a lot of time to figure out so I hope it helped
What happened with Pokegron? What did he do??
Tbh, you need some special attackers on your team
It is my brother's team, and he doesn't really like special attackers. And this is in-game, so I ain't worried for him about this subject.

1 Answer

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I would personally go with Mega Charizard X over Mega Blaziken, considering the fact that when Charizard mega evolves, he changes from Fire-Flying to Fire-Dragon to throw the foe off balance. And that Charizard can cover all of his weaknesses in 2 moves: Bulldoze/Dig/Earthquake and Solarbeam. And in the second pair, I go with Aggron. Again with the type change to pure steel type during Mega Evolution, which makes Aggron more defensive.

answered Nov 15, 2013 by anudeep28
OK. Thank you.
aggron isn't even being mega evolved
mega charizard x gains the ability tough claws and not drought which mega charizard y gains which makes solar beam useless. dragon type even gains a nerf this generation, with fairy types completely immune to charizard's STAB. so i think mega blaziken   
outshines this one.