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Tyranitar with Stealth Rock in X/Y?

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I'm going to go catch I Tyranitar in Y because it seems like the best Pokemon to teach Stealth Rock and that has Sandstream. I'm still fairly new to the competitive scene so the page on breeding confuses me. How do I get a Tyranitar with Stealth Rock? What Pokemon do I breed with what?

asked Oct 27, 2013 by notanonymous

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You'll need to breed a Tyranitar with another Pokemon from the same egg group that knows stealth rock.

Here's a list of Pokémon that Tyranitar can breed with.

On this page you can find a list of Pokémon that can learn Stealth Rock.

Note: In Generation 2-5, only male pokémon can pass on egg moves. As of Generation 6, both genders can.

answered Oct 27, 2013 by Melvin Ishtar
selected Oct 27, 2013 by notanonymous
Actually, iirc, one of the changes in breeding mechanics this generation was that both genders can pass down Egg Moves.
You do recall correctly, both genders now pass down egg moves. Thats why its possible to get Belly Drum and Aqua Jet on Azumarill now
Thanks. I'll edit.
So I can breed T-tar with a Carbink and get a Larvitar that knows Stealth Rock?
Unless they gave Tyranitar "Mineral" or "Fairy" (and I doubt it) as an egg group in generation 6, you can't.

The pokémon Tyranitar can breed with needs to be in the "Monster" egg group. Cross-reference both lists I linked in the answer to find a pokémon that is both in the Monster egg group and can learn Stealth Rock. Then breed that pokémon with Tyranitar.

I'll see if i can narrow down a list of breeding candidates.
The following Pokémon can breed with Tyranitar and will learn Stealth Rock at the specified level/method:

Tyrunt (lv15)
Rhydon (Move Tutor)
Swampert (Move Tutor)
Aggron (Move Tutor)
Bastiodon (Move Tutor)
Rampardos (Move Tutor)
Druddigon (Move Tutor)

Looking through these lists however, I noticed that Tyranitar can also learn Stealth Rock from the Move Tutor, so you'll probably wanna try that first. :P

I'm not sure if those lists are up to date with the 6th gen games, but it's worth a shot.
There is no Stealth Rock move tutor in Gen 6, so Tyrunt is probably the best option, at least until you can trade from Gen 5
I think I'm beginning to understand it now. Luckily I have a Tyrunt. Thanks!