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Are there other "Surfing" Pokémon besides Lapras in X & Y?

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I'll point out that so far I've only ever used Surf with Lapras and a few smaller pokémon. Is Lapras the only pokémon that actually appears as you're surfing on water, or are there other pokémon as well?

for those who aren't catching on:

Surfing on Lapras:
enter image description here

Surfing on any other pokémon i've tried so far:
enter image description here

asked Oct 27, 2013 by Melvin Ishtar

1 Answer

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Yes Lapras is special in this way.

Source: A very very VERY long testing session

answered Oct 27, 2013 by Generekt
Is it ANY Lapras or just that one that you recieve from that POkemon Ranger?
I'm assuming any Lapras.