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Does every legendary have a special move?

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If so what are they for which UBER

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No, not every legendary have a signature move. Here are the pokemon who do with the move:

Ho-oh-sacred fire
Jirachi-doom desire
Deoxys-psycho boost
Dialga-roar of time
Palkia-spacial rend
Heatran-magma storm
Regigigas-crush grip
Giratina-shadow force
Cresselia-lunar dance
Manaphy-heart swap
Darkrai-dark void
Shaymin-seed flare

Remember smeargle can learn all these moves with sketch.

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Also resheiram and zekrom
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Correct pokemon black but you are forgeting that as of gen V mewtwo know has a signiture move psycho-break which uses special attack for a physical move. Latios and Latias have Luster purge and mist ball respectively in every generation.

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