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Swampert or Typholsion?

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I was thinking on playing a Pokemon online RPG and of all starters I could pick from, I narrowed the list down to two starters. Swampert and Typhlosion. I love both of them as much.

Swampert can learn Surf, but he's S.Atk is not as high as I would hope. He/She only has one weakness and that's Grass (4x). Swamperts base stats sums it up to 535. Learns less TMs than Typhlosion (33 TMs).

Typhlosion has high Speed and S.Atk, but he can't learn any useful HMs (I think so). This one has three weaknesses, Water, Ground and Rock (2x). Typhlosion has 534 in his base stats. Typhlosion learns more TMs (36 TMs).

I want/need a Pokemon who can hit hard and can withstand a few hits, I will EV train if I have to. All suggestions are welcome.

asked Oct 30, 2013 by Dark_Breeder
edited Oct 30, 2013 by Dark_Breeder
Give more details about what you like. IF you don't answers will be unfair because they'll probably just say their favorite pokemon (I'd say Typhlosion :P). Possibly say what your team will look like
yeah can you gives us a view of your team, or what you plan your team to be?
Completely different roles. No way to compare them. But we can find which one will best fit your team :)
I'd say Swampert but it's your decision :P

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Lol I believe typhlosion can learn solar beam thus exploiting swamperts grass type weakness potentially a ohko I'll need to research this and edit my answer accordingly

answered Oct 31, 2013 by Byakuran1203
selected Oct 31, 2013 by Dark_Breeder
It can learn Solarbeam, thank you so much