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How come my Marill won't learn the moves I bred on it?

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Hey Guys in black and white 2 I'm breeding my marril and first I bred on it superpower which worked and then when I got my poliwhirl and tried to breed belly drum on the marril with superpower the offspring would only have belly drum and when I tried to breed the marril with the move belly drum with my kabutops that had aqua jet that wouldn't work ethier my marril only had aqua jet why is this happening?

asked Nov 3, 2013 by Swagachu

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This is because bred Pokemon only inherit moves from their fathers. As such, the female marill you bred to have superpower can not pass it in to the child it had with poliwhirl, and that female child can not pass on belly drum to its child with Kabutops. I'm afraid it is impossible to have a set consisting of Aqua Jet, Superpower and Belly Drum together. However, there are ways to get 2/3:

  • Breed Aqua Jet onto a member of the Feraligatr line (male), level it up until it learns superpower, and then breed it with a Female Marill, or breed aqua jet onto Marill and use the move tutor to learn the move superpower
  • Breed Belly Drum onto Marill and use the move tutor to gain superpower

It is unfortunately impossible to have both Belly Drum and Aqua Jet on your Marill. Sorry, but here are some other fine options for moves

  • Waterfall (HM)
  • Double Edge (level up)
  • Ice Punch (tutor)

This guide may also help you
Hope this helps

answered Nov 3, 2013 by Dudeicolo
selected Dec 27, 2013 by Aura Warrior
Thanks ALOT