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Lucky Egg and Exp. Share?

1 vote

In Pokemon X, if a Pokemon holds a Lucky Egg while the Exp. Share is on, will that Pokemon get more exp than the others?

asked Nov 3, 2013 by ①nferno

1 Answer

1 vote

Yes, it does. It works both if your active Pokemon has it, and if your reserve has it as well.

1) You have a Mew in play holding a Lucky Egg, and a Pikachu in reserve. Your Mew gets 1000 EXP (rather than say 500 EXP without the egg) and your Pikachu will get 500 EXP.

2) You have a mew in play it gets 500 EXP. Your Pikachu holding the Lucky Egg will get 500 EXP

It'll also work if you have multiple Lucky Eggs.

answered Nov 4, 2013 by pwnermewtwo