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Where can I find a Houndoom/Houndour in Pokemon X/Y?

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First I need to say I am making a dog Pokemon team and I need a Houndoom/Houndour, does anyone know where to get one in Pokemon X/Y. I currently have a: Absol, Lucario and Mightyena and before you say Absol or Lucario are not dog Pokemon Absol LOOKS like a dog and Lucario is based on a Jackal which is an ancient dog.

asked Nov 4, 2013 by AuraGuardian
If you can, trade in an Electrike.

2 Answers

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Houndour is available on Route 10 (X Only).
Houndour (Bulbapedia)

Most Bulbapedia entries now have the location of the Pokemon in X&Y, and indeed, so does this site.

answered Nov 4, 2013 by fondant
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Houndour is only found on route 10 in Pokemon x only, in Pokemon y you will find electrike. Houndoom are not found on any route, but his mega stone is in route 16 in front of a rock that skaters are skating around, but the mega stone is in Pokemon y, if you have x, you'll get manectite instead. (I traded an electrike for a houndour in Pokemon y)

answered Nov 20, 2013 by zachydoodle