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Light Ball for Pokemon Y?

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I'm thinking of breeding my Raichu. I don't want to waste my times looking for a compatible Pokémon, so I'm thinking of using a Ditto, and not to get off subject, I need a Light Ball for Volt Tackle. Is there any place for where I can find one?

asked Nov 9, 2013 by Reshval

1 Answer

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There is a 5% chance a wild Pikachu will be holding a Light Ball when you capture it.
You can find wild Pikachu in Santalune Forest and on Route 3 in Pokemon X and Y.

Hope I helped!

answered Nov 9, 2013 by IronKnight47
Additionally, you can lead with something that has Frisk to see if the Pikachu is holding anything, or Compoundeyes to increase the chances of finding a Pikachu w/ Light Ball.