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Why isnt my upgraded mega ring working? Pokemon x and y?

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i beat the game and upgraded my mega ring then I found a guide on how to get all the mega
stones but when I went to one it wasnt there and I set the time to 8:00 please help ive tried
alot of places and there not glowing like they dont have the mega stones there

asked Nov 13, 2013 by Newbie1397

3 Answers

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If you change the time on your 3DS, you need to wait 24 hours before time-based events work again. After a day your new times you set will work fine.

For example, if you set it to 8pm when it's midday in the real world, you will need to wait until midday tomorrow until the time works in your game. It will still be 8pm in your game at midday real time.

answered Jul 3 by Pokemaster
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Did you go to the 3DS settings and change the time to 8PM that way? If so, that's why. The game can tell when you change the time; so you'll have to wait until it is 8 PM for real. That's when it'll work.

answered Nov 13, 2013 by ƒιzz
ok thanks but will it affect the mega ring when i set the time to normal?
No, it will not. The game actually has an internal clock which is set to the time your 3DS was on when you first played the game. After that, the clock continues by itself and it ignores changes to the 3DS's time. So if you change the time to normal on your 3DS it won't have any effect on the time on the game.
ok thanks ill let you know if it isnt working
No problem :)
the time on mine is wrong but im not how much
That's weird. I set mine to 8pm and the glowing spots showed up.
Possibly because the game was set to 8:00 PM earlier, then you changed it, and now that you've changed it back, the Mega Stones are there at the correct time,
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I've had this problem before, and the solution is very simple.

Just change the time, go back to your game, leave the room with the Mega Stone, and then come back to it again. The room just needs to refresh for you to collect the mega stone.

I just barely tested this, and it worked.

Hope I helped!

answered Jul 3 by Pimplup
edited Sep 10 by Pimplup