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Does Breeding a Forgien Pokemon with a Everstone and Density Knot Still Have the Masuda-Method Advice?

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Right Now I'm trying to breed my Protein Froakie holding a Everstone with a Ditto from Spain that's holding a Density Knot and I was wondering if my Chance of getting a Shiny is a Same as breeding the both Parents I'm using with out the item.

Because I'm down too 100 eggs and no Shiny so far and have been giving me 4-5 IV Froakie's

So is it because of the Everstone and Density Knot that I'm not getting a Shiny or is it that I'm so unlucky right now >.<

Thank you :p

asked Dec 3, 2013 by Chesse
I actually don't think so, but I don't breed.

1 Answer

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Yeah it works just fine.
Experience: I Have a Shiny timid protean Frokie too.

answered Dec 31, 2013 by Chris_Piggy