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What is a list of all Pokémon that cannot be obtained in X and/or Y?

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So Pokémon Bank is coming out very soon, and I thought I wasn't the only one who would want to know which Pokémon to transfer to X and Y and which ones not to.
If there are Pokémon from previous generations that are exclusive to X or Y please state that, as it is important.
Warning: Don't start answering unless you have a lot of free time, because I think the answer will take a while to write.

asked Dec 5, 2013 by SzupR
I will be able to answer this tomorrow, if no one beats me to it. =D

1 Answer

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All Unobtainable PokettoMonsutaaaaaaaa... HEEHEE :D

Hope I helped. x)

answered Dec 5, 2013 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
NO RESHIRAM OR SERPERIOR!!! Geez, I though XY were supposed to be improvements...
This is what happens to me when I write an answer at midnight. o_o