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Is the Pokemon League Association aware of Gym Leader Giovanni's crimes?

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We all know that Giovanni is/was Gym Leader of Viridian City, but we also know that he is the leader of the infamous Team Rocket. How is a guy like that even allowed to even be a gym leader in the first place, let alone have his criminal deeds go ignored by the Pokemon League (if they even have that kind of power)? This also applies to the twisted Psychic gym leader whose idea of humor is turning challengers into dolls.

asked Dec 6, 2013 by Kid Sonic
reshown Dec 6, 2013 by Kid Sonic
It's a kid's show do you really need logic? ;)

1 Answer

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In the Pokémon Adventure Manga many gym leaders are afflicted to team rocket so maybe the Pokemon league has knowledge of this so they cover it up.

answered Dec 6, 2013 by splodge48