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Is it just me, or is it harder to be obscenely rich in X and Y?

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I never ran out of money in any of my other games (all of them Gen 4 and 5) but I seem to run out money all the time in X. Is it there's just more cool stuff to buy and I have been throwing money at all of it, or do you get less prize money comparatively?

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Actually, you gain less prize money after battles than you did in other Pokemon games. I suggest using an Amulet Coin + Prize Money O-Power (preferably Level 3, but any Level will do) to gain lots of money. Here is a thread from Marriland which may be helpful to you.

Source: My knowledge of playing Pokemon Blue, Gold, White, and Y. (Never played generation 3 and 4 :P)

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I knew it!
Battle Chateau + Amulet Coin + Gold Writ of Invitation = INSTANT CASH
I do this all the time.