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What are 1850 stats?

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I've seen the term 1850 stats used often when describing Pokemon competitively, but I've never been sure what it means.

asked Dec 15, 2013 by OutragedArcanine

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That's a Smogon specific term.

It refers to the Pokemon usage stats of any specific tier based on the people who are ranked 1850 and above on the Showdown ladder for any tier. The reasoning behind this is that many people who aren't "seasoned" battlers can get up the ladder by dumb luck. 1850 ranking is the cut off point since it's safe to assume that anyone who got to that point knows a significant amount of competitive battling, so their judgement on Pokemon usage is based upon competitive aspects, rather than solely personal preferences.

Example: RU stats for April 2013 (1850 stats)

This is the specific post of the 1850 stats

answered Dec 15, 2013 by fondant
selected Dec 29, 2013 by Mewderator
Thank you. That's useful information.
ha someone with horrible luck like me will never reach that
even  if someone with the same luck is really great
if u see my luck it makes anyone unlucky feel lucky