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Is Mega Absol meant to look like an angel?

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Because it does warn people of disaster just like a dark kind of angel of some religions. I mainly ask this because of the white wings it grows in its mega evolution.

asked Dec 19, 2013 by EnergyZebro
Why did this get down voted? This is a viable question.

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Well from what I heard, mega absol is supposed to look like an angel. It warns people of approaching disasters. Mega Absol is meant to be a guardian angel with the wings on its back.
Hope this helps anwser your question.

answered Dec 19, 2013 by RedtheLEGEND
selected Dec 19, 2013 by EnergyZebro
Damn, was just about to answer this.

Remember, there's speculation as well.
Well I agree with @MetaKnight but Absol also resembles Ying-Yang which is good and bad balaced so it is also the judger.
Thanks my curiosity i satisfied :)
Great answer! You get my vote for sure!
but in its normal form people think its evil ):