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Are these Pokemon good natured?

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Mewtwo- Hardy
Moltres- Modest

asked Dec 24, 2013 by Mr. Blazo
I will answer in a bit...
I didn't have patience to get really good natures
Lol, I never bother with natures unless I hack in a Pokémon... :3

3 Answers

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Zygarde: Meh it's alright though the fact it has high defense makes that nature a little less desirable. Adamant > Lonely

Mewtwo: Neutral is usually pretty bad in terms of competitive. You'd want Modest/Timid for normal Mewtwo and Mewtwo Y and Adamamt / Jolly for Mewtwo X.

Moltres: Perfecto! :P

answered Dec 24, 2013 by $tarPower
selected Dec 24, 2013 by Mr. Blazo
Do you want to know the crazy part?
Well, i caught this moltres with 4 turns (3 pyscho cuts and 1 false swipe), 1 pokemon (Gallade), 1 Dusk ball, without taking ANY damage to my Gallade. And ITS GOOD NATURED. (so lucky!!!! ) :P
Nice! Most people have trouble catching that thing (Pokenubz comes to mind atm) So congrats ^-^
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They're pretty good. But they can definitely be better. Mewtwo could use a Timid Nature to get the extra speed boost and a jump on a lot of common Pokes. Zygarde would prefer Adamant because it won't be using it's special attack and it's a bulky Pokemon so it will be using it's defense a lot. Modest is good for Moltres, but Timid is an option too.

answered Dec 24, 2013 by JarJar~
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Well lets see...

Zygarde-Well, no Lonely is not the best. If you REALLY want to add to that attack go for Adamant but ideally Impish would work well.

Mewtwo-Hardy doesn't really do anything. Better go with something to reduce SDef or Def because that's Mewtwo's worst stats. Mind you this is STAT wise and not really according to movesets.

Moltres-Yup, we would all say Rash probably work best stat wise and moveset wise. Modest WILL ALSO WORK though but then again Rash is recommended.

So yeah. For Natures click here.

Hope I Helped! =]

answered Dec 24, 2013 by COBRAGON