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Is Pikachu worth it, in XY?

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and if yes, as a physical or a special sweeper?(always talking about an in game team with pikachu in it).Also can I teach it iron tail in XY?

asked Dec 31, 2013 by DarkStar

2 Answers

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I used Pikachu in X and Y and I loved it <3.

Pikachu, as a Special Sweeper, can learn great moves like Thunderbolt and Electro Ball with ridiculous Speed. Plus, I never evolved Pikachu (since I'm sentimental xD) and Raichu has great stats, as well. It's a great addition to your party.

Pikachu, unfortunately, cannot learn Iron Tail, however, if you get a Pikachu in BW2 and learn it Iron Tail via the Move Tutor, you can transfer it to X and Y and it can be your new party member. :D

Hope I helped. :)
Source: I played with Pikachu

answered Dec 31, 2013 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
i dont evovle  him too:) thanks:)
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If you were using a Raichu/ Pikachu, it would have to be as a special based Pokemon, considering that it doesn't get Wild Charge nor Volt Tackle via level up, and the TM for Wild Charge is in Kiloude City.

I personally think: Heliolisk > Raichu/ Pikachu.

- Heliolisk has Dry Skin, granting it 2 immunities (Ghost & Water)
- Heliolisk has a better movepool; I gave it Surf to deal with its ground weakness & also because my Azumarill did squat with Surf.
- Heliolisk had better sp. atk; nearly all physical electric moves either have recoil damage or aren't very powerful.

And no, you can't teach Pikachu Iron Tail. It has to be tutored that move.

answered Dec 31, 2013 by fondant
i dont like heliolisk very much:/but thanks:)
It's alright; of course everyone has their own preferences for Pokemon. I only used Heliolisk because I've played with Pikachu in previous generations and wanted to try a new electric type. And I found that I liked the sun lizard, so you never know until you try. :P