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Porygon vs. Heatran?

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If a lvl 100 Porygon went up against a lvl 100 Heatran would the Porygon win if its move set is Signal Beam, Hyro Pump, Earthquake, and Magnet Rise?

asked Dec 22, 2010 by Pok'e Freak 45
Porygon can't learn Hydro Pump

1 Answer

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First of all, Porygon can't even learn Hydro Pump OR Earthquake. If it could learn these moves, then yes, Hydro Pump would likely OHKO Heatran if a Choice Specs was held.

Second of all, Porygon's coming off of an 85 attacking stat, while Heatran's coming off of 130. The chances of Porygon's survival without a oHKO are extremely slim. You'll want Recover and Conversion2 with you if you wanna beat a Heatran.

The only way Porygon would have any chances of winning would be with a Focus Sash or Choice Specs, along with Hidden Power (Ground) at max Base Power.

If you can pull that off with Choice Specs, you'll be garanteed a KO, as long as the Heatran has no Special Defence EV investment, and it probably won't.

answered Dec 22, 2010 by ~-~WILL~-~