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Is encountering Articuno near the Chamber of Emptiness normal?

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I was going to the Camber of Emptiness for the Banittie when in the tall grass before entering the cave ARTICUNO appears (it did flee though)
is this normal?

asked Jan 1, 2014 by connorg123

1 Answer

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Yes. If you encounter Articuno 11 more times, it will appear for battle at the Sea Spirit's Den. It won't be easy though; Articuno moves around Kalos, so you'll have to be clever and corner it at a certain location.

answered Jan 1, 2014 by ƒιzz
actually i found that you dont have to be very clever for these roaming legendaries. Other ones like thunderus and entei you sorta had to track and be lucky, but the birds i just walked around and they found me. I never once looked for him and i already have him.
Damn misclicks.
Anyway, I found Moltres annoying to track. I eventually trapped it between Lumiose City and a route, though that took time since using Fly sends it to a completely different location.