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Espeon - Signal Beam?

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Is there any way I can teach Signal Beam to Espeon in Pokémon Y? Or does it have to learn through the tutor in Gen 5?

asked Jan 3 by Eternal_Night

2 Answers

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Espeon cannot learn Signal Beam in Pokémon X and Y.

So the only way to get an Espeon with the Move Signal Beam in your Pokémon X and Y Game would be to transfer one over from Black and White 2 using Pokémon Bank.



answered Jan 3 by Callum
selected Jan 3 by Eternal_Night
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Espeon's Signal Beam is lasted as a transfer only move as per Serebii.


answered Jan 3 by hotcakes
Alright, so to get an Espeon with Signal Beam I'd need to transfer from Gen 5 to Gen 6?
Yep, when Pokebank comes out. Or you could trade for a Japanese one and see if it has it :O
Generally unreliable xP